Animal Rights

Carole is the West Coast Director of the Companion Animal Protection Society

CNN’s Puppy Mill Special, with Carole Davis of the Companion Animal Protection Society


Carole and CAPS investigates a puppy mill in Riverside California


Aquarium and Pet Center in Santa Monica sells puppy mill dogs



Companion Animal Protection Society Changes the Law on Puppy Mills

CAPS leads the anti-puppy mill movement in Los Angeles
The Companion Animal Protection Society ( organized this multi-org protest to uphold CA Supreme Court Law, making history for animal rights and for free speech in the state of California. Barkworks is supplied by puppy mills in the midwest with many USDA violations. It is unconscionable to breed, sell or buy, while 5 million companion animals die in our nation’s shelters every year. The pet trade industry is mistreating companion animals in order to supply pet stores and Internet dog dealers who call themselves “responsible breeders.” Puppy mill fronts will no longer be able to hide inside CA malls as they have before this peaceful assembly by concerned citizens. The USDA licenses commercial breeding factories. These are not responsible breeders. Responsible breeders do not sell to pet shops or ship animals to the public