“Wickedly funny voice” –New York Post
“Can a cynical comedy writer and his actress wife learn anything from an adopted dog? You’ll laugh watching them try because it’s a true story and a touching story, but mostly just a funny story.” –Jay Leno

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Book Description

“My mom used to be somebody, but she doesn’t want to remember who that was. She was in movies, on TV, she made records, and was an underwear model. My dad is a writer–or at least he sleeps at the computer a lot.”Jinky’s “mom” and “dad” might be complainers, but Jinky is just happy to be alive. He enjoys every minute and he can’t understand why his lucky, pampered Hollywood parents and their show business friends are such miserable whiners. After all, Jinky’s life started badly:My life began in a cage in San Pedro, California. Some creepy guy bought me for his stupid wife and she didn’t want me. . . . One night, the guy took me to the pound. They threw me into a cold, wet crate and slammed the gate. . . . I was scheduled to be ‘put down’ or, as I like to say, murdered. But I got lucky.”Now Jinky lives in a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. He has a pool and a Jacuzzi and sports cars and a fat blond terrier girlfriend named Finley who loves to lick his ears.

Jinky went from an unloved and abandoned pet to sleeping in bed with his mom  and eating delicious food off his dad’s plate (his mom cooks good, too).

Jinky knows what’s important in life, and he wishes his mom and dad could stop worrying about their status in Hollywood and enjoy life as much as he does. He can’t understand why show business people are always so unhappy, especially the funny ones. Every “pitch” meeting Jinky overhears, every Hollywood dinner he eavesdrops on, every Hollywood barbecue, lunch, and casual encounter in coffee shops is another chance for these people to bitch and moan about “the business.”

But Jinky’s “tail” is not just about his hilariously self-obsessed parents and their friends. And his message is not just that happiness is not about how much we have, but how we love. His is a tale about how hope, perseverance, and even one small act of kindness can change a life.



Jinky, his mom and some of his friends on the cover of American Dog Magazine


 Author Profile in American Dog Magazine





Author of The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife The American Dog reports

What motivated you to write your book, from Jinky’s perspective, The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife?

“I honestly don’t even feel like I wrote this book: I was sort of channeling Jinky, my rescued mutt. I think dogs know a lot more than we humans do about life, in many ways, and we have much to learn from them. From the point of view of a dog that was rescued from death row in the pound, the world is a wonderful, funny and exciting place. For Jinky, the time is now and the simple pleasures of life, like a walk in the grass, a delicious meal, a romp with a friend or a kiss from his mom are the ingredients for happiness. To Jinky, people are miserable whiners. They’re always complaining about what they don’t have and are never satisfied with what they do have. Humans are always trying to impress.

people they don’t even like and are continually buying stuff they don’t need. Dogs are smarter about love and about life. They don’t worry about the past or the future and their motivations are pure. I want to be like Jinky when I grow up.

I also think that in order to write a biting social commentary about humans, the voice of a dog is perfect. So this is not so much a book about a dog as it is a book about people and how silly we are. He “writes” about marriage, the imploding housing market, dwindling investments, aging, politics, human status anxiety and about Holly- wood as the most supercilious and absurd place on earth. Jinky also has a lot of opinions about how humans treat animals in laboratories, zoos, in entertainment and in factory farming. He’s an animal rights activist—not a preachy one, a funny one. Jinky’s a character and he thinks the way people think is a “load of cat poop.”

Since you’re an animal advocate, how can more people get involved in helping make this world a better place for the animals?

Anybody who is reading this magazine is a lover of dogs and there is much you can do to make their lives better. For one, never buy a dog again because we kill close to five million companion animals in our nation’s shelter system every year. Those dogs are going to die if someone doesn’t step up and adopt them. You need to know that when you buy a dog from the Internet or a pet shop, that those puppies are from puppy mills, factories, where breeding dogs are kept in inhumane cages for their entire lives. They never get out, ever. They are prisoners of the pet trade. So if you bought a puppy, you have to ask yourself, where is that dog’s mommy? She’s living in a canine supermax prison – being bred and bred until she’s dead, making some creep really rich. That’s the best thing you can do for dogs. Adopt one next time. Save a life. I promise you, the kisses from a rescued dog are the sweetest. And don’t believe the hogwash that there is something wrong with an adult dog that is in the pound. It’s the same dog you would have bought, only later. People buy dogs and then dump them like an old outfit for superficial reasons. It happens all the time. Think about it. You don’t choose your friends as infants. Did you pick your best friend when she was in diapers? No, of course not! Well, dogs are like friends – you can meet them when they’re adults and magic happens.

Another thing you can do to help dogs is to volunteer at your local shelter or rescue organization. Those dogs need a chance to stretch out their legs. And yet another thing you can do? Call or write your senator to demand action to ban puppy mills. No breeding facility should be allowed to mistreat dogs the way they do. The laws are not sufficient and the Animal Welfare Act is not enforced. Demand change and organize a protest in front of a pet store that sells live animals and remember: like shoes in the shoe store are from shoe factories, pets in the pet store are from pet factories. We have proof that pet stores are merely puppy mill fronts. They buy dogs from a broker, tell you they are from “small private breeders” and hide behind a USDA license. USDA doesn’t mean the dog’s parents are treated well. It’s the opposite.

What would you like to tell people who are considering buying a puppy from a pet store?

I would tell them to not believe pet store lies. Pet stores and Internet dog sellers routinely defraud innocent customers. Ask the questions I ask as an investigator of puppy mills:

Where are the parents? Did you use a broker? How did the dog arrive here? Have you been to the breeding facility yourself? Have you checked to know if there are violations or citations for animal cruelty on this breeding facility, because more than 50 percent of licensed USDA breeding facilities have violations on their records. How are the parents of this puppy living? Do they get socialized? Do they get vet care? How often? Can I see the actual breeding facility where the dogs are kept? Can I have the breeder’s address and go there myself to make sure? How many times was this puppy’s mother bred? What will happen to her when she’s older? Demand proof.

Bottom line, they can’t answer you without getting red in the face because either they don’t know the answers, which is unacceptable or they KNOW and that is reprehensible.

Really, when you think about it, the only ethical choice you have when bringing a new dog into your heart and home is to save a life and adopt. Putting money into the hands of this despicable pet trade is a big mistake. It only makes abusers of animals, the least deserving people on the planet, wealthy. I wouldn’t even buy a collar in a pet store that sells live animals. Pet stores and Internet sellers are creepy and underhanded.

How has your life changed and what have you learned since Jinky came into your life?

My life has changed entirely. I was an actress and singer/song writer for many years and now my life is focused on making the lives of animals better. My life before I became an animal welfare advocate was meaningless. Now I have meaning. I have a purpose, I am useful and that is the key to happiness. I have met others who feel the same way and my friendships are deeper, as well.

Jinky makes me appreciate life in every way. He taught me to live in the now. And he taught me that the secret to a successful life is enthusiasm! “There is joy,” he tells me, with a wagging tail and shining eyes. “Come on! The sun just came out! Let’s go somewhere and have fun!” What can I say? Dogs are the most perfect creatures. They have an irresistible cuteness and they fill my heart. They know how to love.

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