>OC Activists Inform Neighbors of I Heart Puppies of Impending Protests


         Why we are Boycotting I Heart Puppies
CAPS undercover investigation of  a USDA licensed “I Heart Puppies” supplier.  This Cocker Spaniel mother is confined 24/7 and has no bedding or shelter from the elements.
This message is for neighbors of ‘I Heart Puppies’ and for businesses in the vicinity of the pet store.
We are a group of concerned citizens in CDM, NB and Orange County who will be engaged in a sustained campaign to protest I Heart Puppies and to educate consumers and neighbors about the cruelty of the pet industry. We wish to bring public awareness to the issue of pet factories, puppy mills and to the pet overpopulation crisis that is affecting our overburdened shelters.
I Heart Puppies has been investigated by The Companion Animal Protection Society, a national, non-profit organization that investigates animal cruelty in the pet industry. For more information about this organization and its findings, please visit their website at www.caps-web.org.
Investigations into the puppy mills that supply I Heart Puppies have revealed that the store is in business with inhumane, substandard breeding operations in the Midwest where dogs are confined for life in wire cages in freezing temperatures with no bedding, no shelter from cold, extreme heat, rain, wind or snow. These dogs are injured, sick and distressed. The USDA is also investigating. Though their suppliers are USDA licensed, it has been found that I Heart Puppies has been doing business with a breeder who tied up a Golden Retriever and shot her in the head. Several breeding operations they are still in business with are egregious violators of the Animal Welfare Act—Federal law. 
Brooke Bradford, the owner of I Heart Puppies, has issued a statement that is misleading. She continues to do business with puppy mills and we have evidence of that. She does not “hand-pick” her breeders as she claims. She buys from a broker who is also being investigated.  We do not want to put her out of business. We would like her to convert to a humane business model and become successful like so many other pet supply/rescue only stores throughout California.
California kills ½ million companion animals in the shelter system every year. We feel that selling dogs from puppy mills is highly unethical given that there are so many OC dogs and cats who are literally dying for homes. Please understand that because these desperate animals cannot speak for themselves, we will be speaking for them. They deserve to be heard.
Activists who care deeply about these facts will be demonstrating in your neighborhood. We want you to know that this will not bring unwanted attention to you or your business. In fact, we will be promoting your businesses and shopping on this  block. Please understand that as soon as I Heart Puppies agrees to convert to a humane business model, the campaign will cease. Until then, we plan to demonstrate exposing the truth about this store.  Some of our campaigns have lasted 3 weeks with a successful humane store conversion. Other campaigns have lasted 6 months. We have a 100% success rate. 
We hear their cries, we are their voice.


  1. doggysweater

    >I think it would be helpful for people to know the facts about the Crick Kennel thing. That the owners stated in an article they had one dog from there and that they no loner were in business with them. Then two weeks later they go visit and now they know Mrs.Krick personally and think she is fine to buy dogs from. She admits to killing a dog without vet care and has no employees and is in her sixties….how well taken care of are her all her dogs? Just her inspection reports are alarming and make it really f*cking clear she runs a puppy mill. It is stait up consumer fruad in the least.

  2. concerned

    >I don't know who you are but you need to but on your big girl panties and get all the facts. If it weren't for people in their 60's there would not be grandparents helping with grandchildren. No business that would give a young person a chance. May God forgive you for putting down someone because of their age and running their own business. More people should have the commitment to have their own business.

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