>Liz Taylor Dies, Leaving Hundreds of Dead Animals & Blood Diamonds in Closet


Liz Taylor–nice to humans. To animals? Not so nice.

Those dead foxes would have liked a birthday

A Dog’s Rant About Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor was a great actress, I’ll give you that. And she raised a lot of money and awareness for victims of HIV AIDS. But, like the rest of us, she wasn’t perfect.
I know you’re supposed to revere celebrities, especially dead celebrities, but I’m a dog so I don’t roll like that. A dog doesn’t have to be politically correct. So I’m going to say it.
This old actress had an awful lot of dead animals in her closet. This movie star that everybody is crying about today owned more fur than the entire country of Tanzania.
I looked at hundreds of pictures of her today and she looked like she really liked sweltering and posing with dead animals. There are a few pictures of her with little furry live animals, and they all look more like the property of the prop department at Paramount than her friends.
There are some pictures of her with a store-bought Maltese dog, but never the same dog! It’s like she would buy one for a “roll” down a red carpet and then, when the carpet ended, so did the dog. What happened to all those Maltese dogs? Didn’t they ever get get old?
And, the few pictures of her with bunnies and puppies are way outnumbered by pictures of her draping dead animals over sequins, beads and gold lamé.
Right up to the end, like at her last birthday party, there she was, wheeled into the spotlight, draped in two dead, white foxes. Ouch. You know, foxes are trapped and they lie there dying for days sometimes before they are skinned alive. “Hey, Liz! Thanks for bringing us to the after party!”
I know a lot of people were dying to have their picture taken with Liz but way too many foxes, chinchillas, lynx, minks and coyotes literally died to get their picture taken with her.
And what about her obsession with diamonds? Liz Taylor had a lot of diamonds. Liz Taylor liked diamonds so much she named her perfume, Diamonds! Did she know how much blood has been shed for diamonds? Did she not know how many child laborers have had their hands chopped off for diamonds? That’s why they call them blood diamonds!
“I’m so happy I have Diamonds and fingers!”
Her favorite diamond, the 33 karat Krupp, had belonged to a guy whowas accused of war crimes against Jews during the holocaust. Richard Burton gave her that big, shiny, holocaust memorial-diamond and she seemed to think it looked really splashy with her dead foxes. Set against the fur, it sparkled like a million paparazzi bulbs.
Victim of child slave labor in diamond mines
Almost everybody admires Liz for her fundraising for AIDS research and yeah, that’s cool to want sick people to get better. But from my point of view, a dog, I’m sorta wondering what kind of hell those pregnant monkeys were living in when the vivisectors from NIH were injecting them with the AIDS virus. Did Liz ever ask what happened to all those animals who were tortured for the medical research she was promoting? I don’t think so. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for their fur. A monkey’s coat wouldn’t even require that much “Liz Tailoring.” Hm….
And everybody is talking about how loyal she was. I’m a dog; I know loyal. It means sticking with one person through thick and thin. How could Liz be loyal to eight husbands? Sounds more like a home-wrecker to me. i guess she was loyal to Michael Jackson. She stood by him and not his victims. She never wavered in supporting him instead of the children he molested.
“I’m not a monster! I’m NOT,” she yelled in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. She won an Academy Award for that, but I think she was type-cast.
Written by Jinky, as told to Carole Raphaelle Davis
Jinky, the Dog of a Hollywood Wife tells it like it is


  1. Anonymous

    >Do you really think that this shameful disrespecting of someone who has just died is going to do anything for animal rights?

  2. >Dear anonymous,
    I think, as an animal rights activist, it is my duty to expose the truth about her collecting dead animals who suffered and her lack of empathy for them.

  3. Armaiti

    >Thanks for having the courage and integrity to expose the truth about Elizabeth Taylor in these areas.

  4. >Thank you Armaiti, your comment is much appreciated!

  5. >Anon – Please explain how telling the truth "disrespecting" someone.

  6. buddhadog

    >Thank you for your wise words as always, Jinky! It's too bad she had to die before repenting and realizing how precious animals are.

  7. >Thanks, Pam, that is so true!

  8. Anonymous

    >I'm no fan of furs and blood diamonds think her work with AIDS research says a lot about her ethics and character as well.

  9. Beth102

    >Liz got the Krupp diamond because SHE WAS JEWISH-to spite the original owners who killed Jews! Read the life of Liz Taylor-her first husband beat her silly-& her husband Mike Todd was killed in a plane crash-Liz was crushed. She had lots of illnesses, a bad back injury, and almost died from pneumonia. She adopted a girl Maria who needed many surgeries so she would not be crippled and Liz did this to give her a good life. She also took a little Mexican boy and sent him to the best schools and that little boy said he owes his life to Elizabeth Taylor. She had a big heart and helped a lot of people which is more than you can say for a lot of rich people. People are going to buy diamonds and many were gifts from the men in her life. Perhaps she got her furs early in her career or didn't know the cruelty that goes on in fur farms. She was not perfect and NOBODY IS PERFECT but overall I think she had a big heart. I've been reading a book about her life and I am impressed. She earned her money; her mother was her only acting teacher and pushed/coached her. Liz's mother was very critical of her, but in turn Liz made sure she was NEVER critical of her own children. There is a lot about Liz Taylor that I like and you are focusing on only that she had furs and diamonds.

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